Lost Girl


For readers of Young Adult novels.


After living in Fenway, Michigan for nearly two decades, seventeen year old Claudia Strauss is more than ready for something new. But when she finds herself living in a small Montana town that borders an Indian reservation, she will struggle to find acceptance in an unfamiliar world.


As the only African-American teenager on the Blackfoot reservation, Claudia finds herself drawn to Tristan Whitefeather, the loner boy who has spiritual gifts that both scare and intrigue her. She also feels the pull towards Lucas Good Blanket, a bad boy with a soft heart that has just as much as skill with the opposite sex as he does with his hand drum. Then there is Kimi, the girl with an uninhibited streak who Claudia quickly befriends.


From the trials and tribulations of teenagehood, to the cusp of young adult life, Lost Girl is about a young woman who will find her life forever changed by the people on the Blackfoot reservation.