Lost Girl


For readers of spicy Young Adult novels wth romance, multicultaralism, and a dash of the paranormal.


After living in Fenway, Michigan for nearly two decades, seventeen year old Claudia Strauss is more than ready for something new. But when she finds herself living in a small Montana town that borders an Indian reservation, she will struggle to find acceptance in an unfamiliar world.


As the only African-American teenager on the Blackfoot reservation, Claudia finds herself drawn to Tristan Whitefeather, the loner boy who has spiritual gifts that both scare and intrigue her. She also feels the pull towards Lucas Good Blanket, a bad boy with a soft heart that has just as much as skill with the opposite sex as he does with his hand drum. Then there is Kimi, the girl with an uninhibited streak who Claudia quickly befriends.


From the trials and tribulations of teenagehood, to the cusp of young adult life, Lost Girl is about a young woman who will find her life forever changed by the people on the Blackfoot reservation. 

Velvet Roses (Velvet Series Book 1)
For readers of interracial romance and dark mystery with passionate sex scenes.

​True love can be a dangerous thing. Especially when it comes in the form of an alluring artist with an irresistible mystique. Up-and-coming graphic novelist Dane Takahashi is a man who not only possesses immense talent, but a dark, grisly secret.


Unaware of his shadowy past, Jeneda Larkson is effortlessly drawn to him from their very first meeting, and it doesn’t take long before she submits both her body and emotions in a passionate love affair.


Intrigued by his mysterious nature, Jeneda finds herself wanting to know more about her new lover. But it Isn’t until Dane is compelled by inescapable guilt, that he finally reveals his sordid past.


Shocked to discover that his revelation involves someone dear to her heart, Jeneda finds herself morally torn and ridden with inescapable guilt. But she must decide whether to expose the man she loves, or harbor his morbid secret and forever alter her life.

Velvet Kisses (Velvet Series Book 2)
For readers who enjoy novels that blend erotic power play, light bondage, knife play, and sensual romance - all while delivering an engaging plot. Velvet Kisses is a love story with a dark edge.
​While their love was once forbidden, Dane and Jeneda are now on the road towards making the ultimate commitment to one another. It isn’t until an erotic trip to Japan, however, that the couple begins exploring the darker side of pleasure. But when a deep-rooted family secret is exposed just days before their nuptials, Jeneda finds herself struggling to deal with an unpleasant truth.
Peak of Desire


For readers of romance woven with action and adventure.

Erica Mitchell is used to unconventional experiences. Yet nothing could have prepared her for the path her life would take upon meeting a handsome Navajo man with a strong reckless streak.

A high rise window washer with raw sex appeal, Cody Begay instantly captured Erica’s attention., His lean, muscular body, which has been sculpted from years of rock climbing, incites a lust she can’t deny. Yet beyond his striking physical appearance, lies an intriguing personality that effortlessly draws her in.


The ultimate thrill seeker, Cody is used to taking life by the balls, but when a brutal attack takes place, the couple’s lives are turned upside down. With the assailant on the loose, and their lives in complete disarray, they’re dangerously close to breaking point.


Having experienced the highest of highs, It’s now time for them to face the immense challenges head on. And in the process, endure a number of battle scars-both physical and mental.

Tattoo of Love


For readers of sweet romance - a multicultural love story with steamy sex scenes.

Julia Wilkes never expected to find love in a Tattoo Shop. But that’s exactly what happens when she meets a Samoan man with a kind disposition and irresistible sex appeal. Intense chemistry links them together, but when major bumps in their relationship appear, the couple find themselves at a crossroad. The real threat, however, lies within Julia’s own family.


With a scorned step sister and a strangely distant mother, Julia has good reason to keep her new love a secret. But despite her best attempts, the couple ultimately ends up on a collision course with her toxic family. A hostile family dinner leads to a cataclysmic experience for the couple, and by the end of their visit, they find that their future plans have been suddenly altered. 


Forced to deal with a tragic event, the couple’s strength is tested, and leads them to discover what true love is all about.

Under His Spell


For readers of paranormal romance - with vampires, shapeshifters, and passionate love scenes.  

 Lynn Calloway has been living a quiet, routine life-that is until she meets a gorgeous stranger. Instantly drawn in by his dark magnetic gaze she finds herself both fascinated and intrigued by him. She notices there’s something different about him from the very start but it isn’t until they spend a passionate night together that the secrets he’s been holding begin to reveal themselves to her in the most unexpected of ways.


From the moment Takoda Chasing Horse lays eyes upon her he’s certain he’s found his true mate in Lynn, but before he can make her his own he will have to reveal the part of himself which has been carefully hidden.



A shapeshifter by birth, he has the ability to transform into a wolf. The passionate love these two develop for one another is unbreakable, but a tragic past presents obstacles that neither of them are prepared for. Dark forces are out plotting to destroy the beautiful bond they’ve created, but neither of them are going down without a fight. 


Under His Spell is the story of two wounded souls coming together and the battles they must face in order to free their souls.


Slivers Of Moonlight


For readers who enjoy intensely passionate couplings - a rocky but romantic storyline with a satisfying ending.


Cold, wet, and stranded in front of a convenience store, Maya Clayton is weathering a storm—both literally and figuratively. Stuck in a dead-end relationship, she's convinced that she'll never experience true love. When her car breaks down, a call to roadside service brings more than just well-needed aid—it also brings the searing intimacy she's been searching for. With kind eyes and a friendly smile, handsome tow truck driver Evan Redbird is everything that her so-called boyfriend isn't. Yet before she can embark upon a new life with him, she must overcome a major obstacle, and it comes in the form of her old boyfriend, Dylan. Realizing her ex-lover is the ultimate obstruction to her blossoming relationship with Evan, Maya must do a bit of soul-searching, and in the process she learns that the ultimate hindrance may lie within herself.